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Ricoh-Toshiba news commentary

Article in Nikkei Asia News about the new Ricoh Technology Company (which will make MFPs and printers for both Toshiba Tec and Ricoh)

  • When company executives were asked reason for new venture, “they cited declining demand and the rise of remote work”
  • “preventing the outflow of cutting-edge technology to China might have also factored in”
  • “The coronavirus changed the landscape”; stated Ricoh CEO Akira Oyama
    • Plans to “develop core parts that other companies (MFP competitors) find attractive”
  • “expects the office machine market to continue shrinking even after COVID-19
  • Ricoh owns 85% of new company
  • Parts and materials will be purchased jointly, and production bases will be shared
  • “Sales are expected to decline in the medium to long term, but standardizing core parts for both companies will improve our cost structure”; stated Toshiba Tec CEO Hironobu Nishikori
  • Global shipments of MFPs totaled 4.06 million units worldwide in 2022
    • Down 16% from 5 years ago

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