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I heard from an excellent source today that all of the new color (not sure ifd that means just the 03 series) mfp's from Ricoh support a tiered cost per page billing. I am assuming that this is for all of the Ricoh 03 series systems. 


The tiered billing would be  in direct response to Kyocera and Xerox systems.  I was also told that this was something that the direct channel would not use (yeah right), and @remote is going away.  My source will be emailing me a support document in the next few days or so that can verify this.


Has anyone else heard of this?


My thoughts....having a tiered billing approach would help me win net new business especially if I am up against Xerox and Kyocera (if that dealer or direct will be presenting the Kyotier). I should be able to gain additional margins by taking business away from my competitors especially when the account is only printing a small amount of color on each page.  I can also use the ricotier to protect existing accounts that are being hammered by Global/Xerox and or Kyocera.


The biggest question is if dealerships will embrace this technology and learn how to profit from it. Thus, it's just a matter of time before Konica Minolta, Sharp, Canon and Toshiba will adopt this model.  I'll admit in my market place there is a heavy Global presence, and the Kyocera presence is minimal (I have not heard of that dealer enabling Kyotier), I think one of the issues would be how to automatically collect and compute the meter reads and then conduct the billing. I'm sure for some Kyocera dealers that are technically challenged that they may have stayed away on purpose from enabling tiered billing.


With Ricoh convergence next week, I'm sure this will be a topic of discussion. If there are any P4P'ers going to convergence it would be awesome if they could report more on this.  I hope to have more info in a few days!




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Thanx for this, I see you're in the UK and the info I related to was that the tiered info came from a document there. My source was from Print Audit, but I wanted to make sure this was the case.  We were talking about the latest upgrades to PA, and one of them was that their facility manager software is capable of taking those tiered color levels and putting them in a bucket so they could be billed.


When you mention purpose software, what are you referring to?


Thanx for the confirmation!!



O.K. I have found some information for you .


Ricoh has introduced the 3 billing level since the MPC 2051 meaning all models after this introduction has these features ( MPC3001 .......) .

Print Audit Facilities Manager can now detect and pick up these assignable threshold counters.


Ricoh Dealer that are Premier Members or are using Facilities Manager can now compete with Xeorx and Kyocera promoting this type of billing.


I have a brief set up how to for configuring the thresholds on Ricoh devices. If anyone is looking for it, please call the Print Audit office and ask to speak to someone in Sales.

Be aware on this, we have been using this for over a year and the pit falls are. The percentage coverage is based on overall coverage not per toner, the biggest thing is the cost you offer it at, if 30% is in 0-5, 30% in the 6-10 and the 60% is above. What we have found is that the 60% and above is not just 11% coverage but 20-30%, so your copy cost doesnt cover this cost and you could lose money on the high end copy cost. The two lower tiers make you money but your margins are lower as 60% mark up on a low copy cost doesnt cover the loses in the high end, so the net effect is you can loose money, unless you offer a high top end cost per copy. But then the question is if I was offering a low flat rate cost per copy, why would i opt for a tierd system that has a higher top end, but then I will make more money on the low end. Less hassle. The only thing i have seen done, is that the dealer goes in and adjusts the % to ensure all colour is in the high end and customer not aware.

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