Ricoh's Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group Showcases Portfolio, Developments

Ricoh USA, Inc.'s recently formed Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group showcased its industrial print portfolio and inkjet developments at the 2017 SGIA Expo.

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"The signage and graphics markets are incredibly exciting right now, as the quality and accessibility of technology continues to grow," said John Fulena, VP, Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group, Ricoh USA, Inc. "Our recently formed organization is evolving just as fast, as we look to uncover new and better ways to serve these markets. Where we are this year is vastly different from where we were last year, and we expect to be able to say the same at this time next year. This is an industry that demands constant innovation and growth, and that's a pace Ricoh was designed to sustain."

Ricoh's industrial print offerings and experts are helping customers, established and new to the market, to broaden their revenue streams:

  • Ricoh's unique, consultative approach to customer engagement was featured at SGIA.  Consultants, analysts, engineers and operators were on hand to discuss ways to help customers uncover new routes to growth and workflow optimization. These include a total customer lifecycle engagement model and tools such as Web to Print, Print Management Information System (MIS) and campaign management solutions that can help increase uptime and overall productivity.  
  • The newly announced RICOH Pro T7210 is a wide-format flatbed printer. Leveraging Ricoh's innovative inkjet printheads, the new RICOH Pro T7210 offers customers the ability to handle diverse materials of varied thicknesses, with support for substrates up to 4.3 inches thick with a print size of 6.9 feet by 10.5 feet. That large print area allows users to print on one four-foot-by-eight-foot board or a variety of pre-cut pieces: For instance, three three-foot-by-six-foot boards can be printed on together at the same time. These features combine to allow users to print directly on a variety of materials that may traditionally be considered too unwieldy to print on directly, such as wall coverings, flooring, furniture and tile, saving time, labor and resources.
  • Its RICOH Pro L4160 helps customers boost their visibility with big, bold, eye-catching applications such as signs, banners, vehicle wraps and indoor and outdoor displays.  With eco-friendly, aqueous latex ink and outstanding seven-color printing, including orange, green and white, the L4160 lowers barriers to entry in wide format and increases profits.
  • The EFI Pro 16h LED Wide Format Printer is a versatile hybrid printer that serves flatbed and roll-fed workflows delivering ultimate high-definition imaging for a broad range of wide format applications. Print four-color applications plus white on an extended range of flexible and rigid substrates with saturated colors and smooth gradations. Production-level output speeds yield maximum productivity while LED technology reduces operating costs and lowers environmental footprint.
  • The RICOH Ri 6000 Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printer, built on build upon AnaJet's (a Ricoh company) history of fast, high-quality garment printing, boasts an incredibly short route from design to print, thanks to intuitive software and print speeds as fast as under one minute per garment. Water-based inks deliver soft, long-lasting and eye-catching vibrant designs. Built-in white ink circulation dramatically improves ink flow and minimizes waste while making high-quality prints viable on even the darkest of garments. Meanwhile, Ricoh's own industrial-grade printheads empower businesses to reliably produce high-volume orders as well as custom one-off prints with long stretches between having to change out printheads.
  • The RICOH Pro C7110X five-color digital press will be on display boasting expanded 5th color capabilities. At a time when many wide format print shops are looking to expand further into more traditional production print applications, this press helps them to deliver for their clients, and drive differentiation. It is a true game changer for this market due to its price point and 5th color capabilities including the new Ultraviolet Security Red and neon pink toners, and its already available white, clear and neon yellow options. Neon pink enhances images, providing crucial highlights or graphic color, even combining with other process shades to create a neon palette that pops on a variety of media, including textured media and synthetics. The Ultraviolet Security Red toner technology display adds an enhanced layer of protection for ticket or pass verification. This security feature only appears when exposed under UV light, helping to reduce fraud. Additionally, the RICOH Pro C7110X substrate flexibility makes it a great choice for supplemental signage and graphic arts needs.

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