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We've had a tough time with getting this system to run envelopes!  The unit is spec'd to run envelopes, however, we had then constantly jamming for commercial number 10's.


But, today, I was able to get an SE involved and we got it!!  We had to make the driver settings, but more importantly we had to change a setting in "user tools" under the "printer settings".  I've got a screen shot of the print settings which I will post  tomorrow, along with the step by step instructions for the user tools.


I'm no confident that I can sell this with a fiery as a high end envelope systems.  More tomorrow.



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So, we are having this issue, as well, however I did this (even before I searched P4P thinking I would be the save the day-er) and it still does not work.  We have tried different thicknesses, different directions, flap opened/closed, changing SP modes, and my guys are now into taking the fusing section apart for adjustment. Any other tips you may have run into on the C6502's with envelopes that can help us out?  We are installing in a large account where I have multiple locations waiting for this feature.

Thanks in advance!



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