Prints and copies up to  26ppm
4 tandem OPC drum design
M C250FW and M C250FWB models offer
Replace the SP C261SFNw and SP C262SFNw models
Built-in print controllers:
Actual maker unknown
PCL and PostScript 3 emulation drivers
Standard wireless connectivity
USB and 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet ports
400MHz processor
50-page SPDF (Single Pass Document Feeder)
support up to 90 lb. index using top drawer or bypass
the P C301W is a print only version

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Hey Art,

Just wanted to mention that this machine only takes the regular yield toners. 

From what I understand it is a lower purchase priced alternative to the SP C262SFNw which can use the higher yields. But of course over time you will make up many times over the cost difference if you do enough volume. 

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