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This Cloud-Based marketing service is designed to meet the expanding demand  for automated marketing capabilities from print services providers (PSPs) and  organisations that want to improve marketing processes and brand management.


MarcomCentral is a SaaS-based marketing asset repository that allows  companies to build and store print and non-print based assets (such as logos and  marketing kits) from a centralised site. The advanced cross media architecture  delivers a broad range of features and capabilities that support operations who  are aiming to grow their value-added-services and take advantage of the  expanding digital marketing opportunity; as well as driving incremental print  volumes and higher margins. These include web hosting and personalised print,  while offering easy access to clients via a web browser.


The full MarcomCentral solution comprises marketing asset management, web to  print, VDP and cross media marketing. The SaaS solution enables print operations  with limited or no IT resource to manage their own, or their clients’, brand  identity and collateral; deploy a full web to print service; and to create and  run integrated, multichannel communications campaigns.

Ricoh announced a  strategic investment in PTI Marketing Technologies in August 2012 and is excited  to now bring print services providers in Europe the full MarcomCentral solution  as a result of the Ricoh and PTI partnership.


As MarcomCentral is cloud-based, it enables PSPs and enterprises without  extensive IT capability to grow their services and offerings and is easily  scalable as requirements grow. The benefit for them therefore, is that they can  increase their investment as business growth opportunities materialise.

In addition, MarcomCentral will support progressive organisations to seize  new business opportunities: “PSPs and print rooms are seeking to provide  services beyond print and MarcomCentral enables them to participate fully in  their clients’ marketing process, broadening their involvement – often at a more  strategic level - and the value they provide to their clients,” says Stephen  Palmer, production print director, Ricoh  UK and Ireland.


“For example, if a high street bank wants to run a campaign, their PSP can  deploy MarcomCentral, with personalised mailers, a customised website, new  landing pages in an existing website, or personalised microsites to increase the  recipients’ likelihood of responding to the campaign. Personalised emails can be  used to further highlight the offer. Specific elements of the campaign can be  adapted from branch to branch, enabling authorised members of the branch’s team  to access documents in the cloud and make the relevant changes without  compromising brand integrity, specifying the quantity of printed pieces required  for a specific event via the e-commerce functionality.”


In this way, MarcomCentral empowers local creativity within corporate brand  guidelines. Aided by a simple, intuitive user interface, it creates a  streamlined, efficient marketing production process that is designed to increase  the speed of marketing response and reduce time to market. All of which help to  reduce an organisation’s marketing costs and increase return on investment.


“Because of its open architecture and application programing interfaces  (APIs), MarcomCentral can easily be integrated with third party applications and  workflows,” adds Palmer. “It can link to many other systems within the client,  or the corporate user’s, infrastructure, including MIS, ERP or marketing  automation systems.”


MarcomCentral also utilises the FusionPro VDP suite. It comprises: FusionPro  VDP Creator, the variable data publishing solution; FusionPro Producer  composition engine, which allows cloud based VDP processing within  MarcomCentral; FusionPro Expressions, which enables advanced image  personalisation; and FusionPro Links, for personalised URL and microsite  creation along with campaign tracking. Fusion Pro Creator offers plug-ins that  seamlessly integrate with, for example, Adobe Acrobat and InDesign for fast,  simple and intuitive creation of VDP templates that can be uploaded to the cloud  for access within MarcomCentral by authorised stakeholders.


“These new marketing services, powered by PTI, adds to Ricoh’s intelligent  marketing (i-Marketing) framework,” says Palmer. “i-Marketing is designed to  deliver a range of variable data and cross media marketing capabilities to all  production printing-based businesses aiming to extend their services into the  field of marketing services. The solution already includes existing Ricoh  strategic services such as Precision Marketing, Data Analytics, and personalised  cross media and direct marketing tools including those from Objectif Lune and  DirectSmile. By implementing i-Marketing, print services providers and corporate  marketing departments or print rooms can readily differentiate themselves.”


“In a challenging market that demands business transformation, the  availability of these services and solutions is timely. MarcomCentral and our  additional i-Marketing services enable business to develop stronger partnerships  that will strengthen client loyalty, drive volume and repeat business,  generating a greater return on investment and increased value across the entire  marketing supply chain.”


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Ricoh is a global technology company specialising in office imaging  equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT  services.


Under its corporate tagline, imagine.change. Ricoh helps companies transform  the way they work and harness the collective imagination of their employees.


For further information, please visit  http://www.ricoh.co.uk

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