Sydney, 11 December 2019 - Ricoh, a leading provider of smart workplace technology, has announced the immediate availability of the award-winning Pro L5160 Aqueous Resin Latex Wide Format Printer, and the Pro T7210 and Pro TF6250 UV Flatbed Printers. They are new additions to the expanding portfolio of Ricoh's award-winning inkjet printing solutions.

The new products offer best-in-class performance and have been designed to help print providers expand their service capabilities and explore new markets. For print and production workflow management, the new printers can be partnered with the industry-leading ColorGATE Production server (ColorGATE is a Ricoh company).

The Ricoh Pro L5160 (Dual CMYK) was the recent winner of the 2020 Keypoint Intelligence Wide Format Pick Awards for outstanding high production. It was highlighted by the judges for its excellent productivity, speed and end-user ease-of-use. In addition, the Pro L5160 was recently honoured with the BLI Buyers Lab’s “2020 Pick Award for Outstanding High Production CMYK Eco-Solvent /Latex 54”/64” Printer”.

“First previewed at Printex 19 in Sydney, we are thrilled to have won the prestigious award for this product and are now excited to announce the shipping of our entire portfolio of wide-format inkjet solutions in Australia,” says Henryk Kraszewski, Senior Product Manager Commercial Industrial Print , Ricoh Australia. “These products leverage more than 45 years of Ricoh innovation in inkjet technology. They are designed by Ricoh, manufactured by Ricoh, utilise Ricoh Gen5 industrial-grade printheads and Ricoh ink technology, and are sold and serviced by Ricoh.”

RICOH Pro L5160

The Pro L5160 Aqueous Resin Wide Format Printer (Pro L5160) sets new standards for media flexibility, image quality and print productivity. It has strong environmental credentials, offers low running cost and ease of operation and maintenance. Sold, serviced and engineered by Ricoh, it is the most outstanding high production CMYK 64” wide format printer available today (according to Keypoint Intelligence). Key features include:

- Substrate versatility. The Pro L5160 is an aqueous resin printer with a low curing temperature enabling it to run a broad array of impermeable (waterproof) and permeable (absorbent) roll media. This includes PET film, PP film, coated paper, plain paper, wallpaper, synthetic paper, self-adhesive PVC, PVC for banners, soft signage fabric, canvas, and tarpaulin – as well as heat-sensitive material. The Pro L5160 will run both low-cost paper and low-cost synthetic – something not possible on other printers.

- Outstanding print quality. The Pro L5160 features a piezoelectric printhead with multi-drop technology that delivers consistent, high-quality image quality in all print modes.

- Print productivity. Turnaround time is paramount in most business operations – and the Pro L5160 is amongst the fastest printers in its class with a print speed of up to 46.7 m²/h for draft work (four-colour configuration Pro L5160). In addition, prints from the Pro L5160 are cured on press and can be handled, finished and processed immediately after printing.

- Ease of maintenance. The Pro L5160 features auto-maintenance technology that limits manual maintenance to every few months.

- Low running costs. To maximise profit opportunities, the printer needs to feature low operating costs – low ink costs, low maintenance requirements, and ease of operation. The Pro L5160 ticks all of these boxes.

- Powerful controller. Operators need to be able to get a job onto the printer as quickly as its ready for print, with a minimum amount of touch points and maximum confidence of output quality. The Pro L5160 is supported by a range of industry-leading controllers, including Caldera, ColorGATE, ONYX, SAi and Wasatch. The Pro L5160 is available from Ricoh with ONYX RIPCenter or ColorGATE Productionserver.

- Environmental credentials. Many customers are demanding information about environmental and sustainability credentials of printwork. Factors such as using water-based inks and printing on paper are becoming more prevalent. The other environmental factor is operational – eliminating the need for special ventilation or handling of inks. The Pro L5160 satisfies all of these requirements.

- Dependable service and support. Businesses depend on their equipment for their livelihood, so it is critical that the supplier of the printing solution can offer reliable service and support. Ricoh sells and services the Pro L5160 directly. In addition, being the designer and manufacturer of the equipment, Ricoh is accountable for helping the customer achieve measurable business results.

Ricoh Pro T7210 and Pro TF6250

The Pro TF6250 and Pro T7210 both offer performance far greater than other flatbed printers with similar pricing, both capable of printing up to 115 m2/h. The ability to print on a diverse array of media is another attribute that sets the Pro TF6250 and T7210 apart from the competitors.

Key features of both models include:

- Productivity. With a four-colour draft print speed (in 3-pass mode) of up to 115/116 m2/h - and standard, 8-pass, speed of up to 49/48 m2/h – users are able to produce more jobs each working day. If white is important, the Pro TF6250 can be configured with double-white and get four-colour + white print speed of up to 40 m2/h in production mode.

- Outstanding print quality. Using Ricoh’s industrial-grade Gen5 series printheads, multi-drop capability, and a print resolution of up to 635 x 1800 dpi, users are guaranteed precision printing for crisp detail, sharp, accurate text, smooth gradations, and life-like skin tones.

- Choice of UV ink sets. The printers can be configured with two different ink sets: the Ricoh Pro UV Ink GP120—with its superior colour gamut—or the Ricoh Pro UV Ink DG130—a versatile ink for high adhesion and wide colour gamut. Customers can select the ideal ink set for their application and media needs. Seven ink channels accommodate CMYK, White, Clear and Primer all in the one print process. Prints are cured instantly— using LEDs—ready for immediate finishing and handling.

- Versatile media sizes. The most common industrial sheet size in Australia is 2400 x 1200 mm, just right for the Pro TF6250 with its bed size of 2500 x 1300 mm. The bed size of the Pro T7210 is 2100 x 3200 mm, providing operators with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of sheet sizes. For example, three 900 x 1800 mm sheets, one 1200 x 2400 mm sheet, or a sheet up to the maximum 2100 x 3200 mm. Combined with a media thickness of up to 110 mm and you have an incredibly versatile flatbed printer. Registration pins enable rapid positioning of media accurately on the bed, and helps ensure precise registration for accurate image placement and double-sided printing. Printheads are automatically positioned to the optimal height for printing.

- Media flexibility. With the Pro T7210 and Pro TF6250, users can print directly onto almost any rigid substrate, including Polycarbonate (PC), Styrene board, Acrylic (PMMA), Formboard, X-board, Cardboard, Plastic board, Olefin, PVC, PETG, HIPS, MDF, Wood, Aluminium, Steel, Glass. Users have the flexibility to stay with traditional signage and graphic applications or expand into new and emerging markets.

- Designed-in simplicity. All industrial inkjet printers require some form of maintenance. Ricoh has made maintenance easy with an automated cleaning station, simplifying daily operator routines. Access to the ink tanks is at the front of the machine for easy supply management. Loading media is simple and straightforward and multiple independent vacuum zones minimise the need for pre-masking. Ricoh’s “human sensor” protects operators from harm during printing.

- Built to last. With over 45 years of experience and a leading innovator in the digital ink jet market, the Ricoh-developed Pro T7210 and Pro TF6250, printheads and inks are designed to bring added value to business operations with the dependability and innovation which Ricoh users have come to expect.

“Today, many industries are enthusiastic aboutfully embracing wide format. These new printers through their combination of Ricoh inks, Ricoh printheads and Ricoh innovation, empower users to deliver the kinds of applications their customers require, from billboard, banners, flags, floor graphics and signage to light boxes, posters and labels, and they do it better and faster than other solutions,” said Kraszewski.

About Ricoh

Ricoh is empowering digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services enabling individuals to work smarter. For more than 80 years, Ricoh has been driving innovation and is a leading provider of document management solutions, IT services, commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras, and industrial systems.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Ricoh Group operates in approximately 200 countries and regions. In the financial year ended March 2019, Ricoh Group had worldwide sales of 2,013 billion yen (approx. 18.1 billion USD). For further information, please visit

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