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Please I need help!  

Copy Tray Type 9002 is no longer available from Ricoh here in the US. Are they available outside of the US?  I need to get two of these.

Ricoh Copy Tray type m26 (MP C6503): I'm being told that the M26 tray will work, it's a little different in size but will fit.  Can anyone verify that?

It's a large order that I can't lose, the client does not have the space for the finishers.  

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5 hours today spend on finding these trays. Yes, I finally found them.  Seems Ricoh USA was the only one to discontinue these trays.  After searching the internet again I then resorted to calling a contact in the Netherlands and South Africa.  These out put trays are available through Ricoh Europe, thus if you need one please PM or email me and I can get you the contact person.


Another route you can take with these discontinued options is to order the parts through service. For instance the product code for this one is B756 so if you were to go to rfg-esource and search for the product code there is a parts book for the copy tray option and you (service) can order the parts.

I have needed to do this with things like fax options. 

msaeger posted:

Wow that is surprising. I mean they need to provide replacement parts what do they expect someone to do if one was sold and gets broken. Good luck! I hope you find a solution. 

Yup agreed. I'm working with Copier Solution Shop in the Netherlands for a third party replacement. In addition for right Ricoh Europe is still offering these. I have a contact and can get more. Thinking sooner or later they will run out also

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