2019 Convergx meeting held last week in Las Vegas, NV
- Claims that number of MFPs sold by dealers in U.S. grew from 32% to 48% of total as compared with direct branches
- “We established dealers as our primary channel for growing the critical SMB segment”
- A toner gauge will be standard on all new MFP models
- New connector allows users to capture to and print from DocuWare accounts directly on the Ricoh MFP
- Launched “Ricoh MFP Shield” device security option
o Application that runs on MFP
o Enables dealer and/or customer to run security checks
o Can select security level at device or remotely
o Levels named “silver”, “gold”, “platinum” or “titanium”
o Can print out security setting list from MFP
o Allows Ricoh dealers to deliver MFPs as “hardened” devices to customers
o (competes with Konica Minolta’s bizhub SECURE, bizhub SECURE Healthcare, bizhub SECURE Platinum, bizhub SECURE Notifier, RDT, etc.)
- Announced will be launching V-CAT training program:
o Remote access for dealers to competitive training classes
o Lab offers hands-on with competitive devices and software
o RFP support
o Validation of issues, bugs, defects in the field (Ricoh or competitors)
o Publishing “Competitive Faceoff” documents positioning Ricoh MFPs versus closest competitive models
- Advanced Call Management program
o Trained Ricoh agents can assist dealers’ customers with technical support over the phone 24/7 to reduce need to dispatch service technicians
$8 dealer cost for each successful fix
$2 dealer cost for each failed attempy

$12 dealer cost for calls after hours

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