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Ricoh plans for the future

Published its midterm management plan

  • Plans to integrate “edge devices” (4 million cloud-connected MFPs) with office services to convert printing information into digital data
  • Plans to deploy its 15,000 salespeople and 16,000 engineers globally to help its 1.4 million customers in 50 countries migrate to digital, thereby increasing Ricoh’s recurring revenues
  • Plans to achieve $239.3 million in operating profit in fiscal 2022 from Office Services Business

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I never heard the phrase "Edge devices" before.  Does this mean MFPs are end points on a LAN via which data is scanned onto a network repository like a DMS?

Does Ricoh or anybody plan to start charging for scans as Ricoh seems to be planning for customers to print less?

Same here SSG never heard it before.  Thus the quest for trying to found out more ended me up here.

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