I'm not one to whine and cry about missed sales, competition and saturated distribution. However, when I run across a quote from Ricoh Business Solutions that is simply outrageous it really gets my hair up.

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I'm a Major Acct Exec at RBS and I don't sell that low on 100 machine placements. This could probably get me fired but we all know who is running RBS now and profit was never a part of their plan!

I'd lay money down that the rep's manager was not with RBS before April 1st!

Don't blame the rep, they still make money on next to no profit deals now and if it comes from a zero based account (no Ricoh placements), they make even more!

This is what is wrong in the whole industry today. Comp plans that pay managers on revenue rather than profit! It has driven our Major Account deals down even further when clients can read a web site that states the lowest "down the street" price found for a product! I've actually had clients give me these and tell me to lower my price which is already dramatically low!

I can assure you that long term RBS managers are still putting profit in deals and encouraging reps to do so.
That's great to hear and I appreciate your input. We all need to concentrate on solutions that will drive profit!

I do know a few long term guys at RBS (I have spoken to them on this) and they are of the old school, to sell value and drive profits.

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