"A Driving Force" was the theme for Ricohs National Sales Meting in Dallas, Texas.

First things first...my take on the meeting...curious, Ricoh was making every attempt to assure their dealers that they are their main concern and that there will be no more "new points" of distribution. They spoke about the consolidation of Lanier Direct to Ricoh Direct and also the merger of Lanier and Gestetner Dealers to for a new National Network that will distribute Lanier Branded Systems and Solutions.

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One other item in reference to the Aficio League, they will now be offering debit master cards for your points. I am not sure if all of the other stuff is going to go away. I kinda liked shopping for all of the stuff and wonder if they are going to have both!
This has been the case with Savin reps for years. I was aware that you Ricoh guys went shopping with points earned, but as a Savin guy I've always enjoyed the cash! I make a ton of money on the Savin "Fast Track" program in which our points are used as dollars on a Savin debit card. Not only does this program pay for my family's yearly trip to Cancun, but also pays for our Baltimore Ravens season tickets! Wait until you see how much money you'll earn for selling color printers on this program!

Good Selling!

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It is good, except it takes them 4-5 weeks to move over the money once you report a sale.

The Kyocera payouts are ridiculously low, and take forever to be credited to your account. No payouts for less than 30 ppm units! Go Savin!!

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