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First time posting so please forgive any errors.
We are currently in an account against several other companies, Canon, Xerox and Sharp. Xerox has had an old 4850 at this location for 8 years charging $4950 per month (equip. only) on a "Lease". The reason they have been able to hold this position is because the 4850 can handle significant volume (200K + per month) with spot coloring. This particular clients three requirements are spot color, which is used for a "signature", variable data and finally, heavy volume. We are working on replacing all 28 copiers, 60 printers and 37 fax units, however the only piece of our Ricoh solution that is missing is a solution to the replacement of the Xerox 4850. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Fyi. it does not have to be a Ricoh only solution for the 4850.
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I had this type of issue about a year ago. Only it was with a Kodak that did spot color!

Hey......, let me take this one! All kidding aside. I would attack a few different ways.

1. I would put asolution together with a JP 8000 digital duplicator and a TCII (dual color single pass for spot color) also include a UC6 Rip. This would kill two birds with one stone.

The volume and the spot color issue!

When it comes to variable printing, I would geive my High Volume DSM at Ricoh a call and grill him in reference to these pieces and the capability of working with "Velocity" and "MicroPress". If he did not have the info, go right to the source, they will know what can be done.

2. Multiple AP3800's with Parallel Printing!from Smartnet Monitor. I would start with four of the systems, I believe spot color speed is still 28PPM or faster. For a mere $28K, you can offer them 120 page a minute spot color solution.

If they need the variable printing, again here I know you can go with "Velocity and MicroPress"! Plus you can still have the 120ppm spor color thru put speed.

Can I come and close this one? Sell the Sizzle here of the speed, variable data and all of the other cool stuff.

If you need any more info please call me at 732.803.1022


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