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Hey Art,

I have not heard of the XPS program. But Xerox has alot of flavors of MPS, thats for sure.

So far it looks like Xerox has a well developed direct-to-enterprise MPS program through Xerox Global Services (XGS). This has been around for a while, but they recently "announced" it as Enterprise Print Services (EPS).

Four components:

- Office support
- Remote worker/device support
- Production and mailroom support
- External doc procurement (outsourcing)

Its pretty all-encompassing. Thats alot of ways to capture clicks.

Xerox has said itself that MPS is slow to catch on among SMBs. For the channel it looks like Xerox' programs revolve around its Pagepack program.

Pagepack supports only Xerox devices and includes:

toner, service, meterreading, fleet status reporting, sales support, 3rd party integration, assessment tools.

Pagepack NX does all of the same things, but also supports legacy HP devices with everything but service.

PagePackFM provides limited support for all non-HP devices, but does not include service, toner, or meter reads

PagePack 3.0 for SMBs is next.

Hope this helps...

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