what brands do you carry, and of those brands which do you push the most and why.


I work at a Kyocera, Ricoh and HP Dealer. We sell mostly Kyocera because manufacturer support is great, the per image cost is by far the lowest, and reliability. HP is pretty much only carried for state bids and MPS.


I'm just kind of wondering what everyone else is pushing (or being told by Management to push)

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Even though we have Samsung as a second line we hardly push them especially since Ricoh launched their own A4 devices a few years back.  We sell only Ricoh and I'm sure there is additional spiffs to keep us a single line dealer.

We are a Canon, Konica Minolta, & recently added Samsung. We mostly sell Canon. We sell the bigger KM Color Production, and some KM color departmental models.  Last month since we've had Samsung they are selling well.


We are Konica and Xerox..KM by far is the superior product until you get to Production in which case we are pretty 50-50.  Xerox, at least for us, offers some price advantage, especially in the entry-level to mid-range.


Also, we are no longer the exclusive dealer of either as Xerox Agents are popping up everywhere.

We are a Canon, Savin, Samsung, and HP Dealer. We now push Canon 90% of the time. Can't beat the reliability of them. We just got rid of Kyocera about 6 months ago. I am surprised at the people who said the quality was good. We had nothing but issues with the machines from day 1 and the support from Kyocera was less than desirable.

That was our experience with Kyocera as well and why we left them for Samsung as our second line.  Our primary is Ricoh and the Samsung is a great compliment to Ricoh as they give you similar speeds and feeds at a much lower price to the customer.  For the low volume customer who still wants the features without the hefty price of a Ricoh the Samsung is the perfect fit.  Samsung has some features I wish Ricoh had by the way.  One other problem with Kyocera was the pricing made selling a Ricoh instead a no-brainer.  The Kyos were not user friendly, had service issues and the techs hated them.

Fisher, you are correct. Samsung has a lot of robust features that come free on the machine. They are great for the price conscience customers who could care less about value. We have had our ups and downs with Samsung over the years as we became a dealer back in about 2010. The support from Samsung when dealing with issues and needing fixes created is second to none in my opinion.

Konica Minolta and Copystar (Kyocera) here. Sort of a 50-50 split between the 2 for new equipment, but we also sell reconditioned Konica as well which is starting to be 70% of our business.



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