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There are several ways that you can do this. Are you planning to use the HOTEL door cards? You will have to verify what type of card they are using. These might not be prox cards. Please provide more info to better help you. The best way to know for sure is get a card and test it. Not all cards work.
1) Dept ID's, those will have to be set up on the fly for clients.
2) AAProx with Tracker. AAProx is the card reader and Tracker is the software that allows charge back.
3) You can use Enterprise Management Console with an accounting plug-in to charge back.
It would be awesome if the door cards were able to be used. They're using Kaba LLCO cards. Talked with a technician there and he asked if our readers where compatabile to the MIFARE cards so the door cards might work. I have a followup meeting setup for Thursday with the GM. I'll get a card from him so we can do a trial run, before offering the complete solution. Thanks for your input. Sounds like I got some homework to do.
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Good job! If they are using MIFARE cards you should be good to go. Just make sure you get a sample to test. Remember just because it reads the card does not mean it will track for bill back purposes. That is where a software solution comes in. I forgot to ask what Canon model are you considering? Make sure it is an advance series. Do you have access to Canon ISG Central? They is an entire presentation on AAProx that you should definitely know the in's and out's BEFORE you meet with the GM. You want to talk intelligently to gain respect since the GM will have a lot of influence on the decision. Be prepared for an questions that you can answer on the spot.....the longer it takes to provide answers increases the sale cycle and allows more time for your competition to sneak in. Let me know how the meeting with the GM goes.
We have had some real good results with UniFLOW.
We have used the Canon Prox card readers, as well as a number of different RFIDeas card readers.

If you use the Canon \ NTware card reader you don't have to configure the meap app to talk to it, if you use the RFIDeas card reader you will need a CFG file and the proper web page to configure it.

Your Canon Support guy (SE) will be able to help you figure out the right card reader. If you need an RFIDeas contact email me.

Vince McHugh
Thanks for the update. Who said they were compatible with MIFARE cards? Magnetic strip cards is what I figured the hotel was using. Those work by a different mechanism. As Vince mentioned you can look at UniFlow but that might be a pricey option. You can also add a credit card/bill/coin-op solution for the business center. This is an easy way for walk up traffic. That way it keeps the front office people out of the equation to cash out guest. When you mention cloud printing what type are you referring to? There are several options that are available. All the advance systems will handle a cloud solution. The C5030 will provide more versatility for the guests as it can handle more types of media. However most business center printing is done on 20lb paper. Plus I don't think volume would be a concern. It is very important to understand hotel software and is in windows based or citrix, unix, linux or AS400 mainframe? Dealing with proprietary software can be a challenge. Keep us posted.
I had gotten the name of the type of card from the GM and I called the card manufacturer and the Technican I spoke with said the cards were MIFARE. My understanding of the cloud solution would allow guests to login to their google docs or sharepoint account for direct prints. What other options are available? The hotel's mainframe is on a program called OPERA. I like the credit/card/bill/coin-op solution, I hadn't thought about that. Additional food for thought.... Are there any card readers that use a magnetic strip that would be compatible to the Canon device? Are you guys familar with CStar Technologies?

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