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From: ricohaficio (Original Message) Sent: 12/18/2001 5:16 PM

It is equipped with Profold's patented "Prothane Fast Track Grooved" fold roller. "Prothane" rollers have no affinity for laser or copier toner, providing longer roller life. The "Fast Track" grooves in the fold roller allow air to escape, producing tighter folds and superior control of paper stock, including coated stock. The grooves allow toner to escape adding a self-cleaning feature to the fold roller. Self-cleaning "Prothane Fast Track Grooved" roller yields smudge free stock.

The above paragraph is from Profold Inc., they manufacture high end finishing equipment mainly for the mailing industry however they are currently doing research on the Profold 106. This is an accumulator folder that can go on line with the 551/700/1085/1105.

I have been reading about digital printing for years and as of late I have been reading more about digital printing from manufacturers other than copier dealers.

Inherent to digital copiers is that the toner does not adhere to the paper as well as the older analog copiers (this I have read on several occassions, I will try and look for proof). Keeping this in mind, and selling in the P4P industry is no easy task. I came across this paragraph (the one at the top of the page) in reference to toner coming off the page!!

"The grooves allow the toner to escape" (neat, do we have this already?, if not it's still neat). "Prothane fast track grooved rollers yield smudge free stock" (WOW, now back up the bus..!). Are you telling me that paper feed rollers that do not have this technology will eventually yeild smudged stock?

Brings me to my point, the Canon post processor. The Canon does not use these "Professional Finishing Rollers" in their "post processor". So Mr. Customer tell me what happens to the rollers after they have be contact with toner based images? Should they be replaced more often, Does this create more downtime?, Will I start smudginging in the middle of a job? Or is the "post processor" just a toy that is added for novelty (sell the sizzle, not the steak). These points landed a sale for me (I think). However, its all good information to know. Anyones comments on this.
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From: LifesGr8 Sent: 12/19/2001 6:24 AM

I appreciate the fact that you not only uncover this stuff but take the time
to pass it on. You never know when you might need "beyond Ricoh training"

Keep it up and may we all immediately think of the Print4Pay
Hotel when we run across something that may be usefull.

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