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Hello everyone.


I am having difficulty getting the true dark black color to show.  It is fine along the edges but when it fills in the letters, it is more of a grey.


I have tried everything I could think of.  The customer is ready to buy if I can get it working and print in real dark black.


He transfers the vellum to a silk  screen.  If its not dark enough it will not work properly.


Any advice or help would be great.  I have tried going into the Driver and messing with settings but still have not found one that works. 

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That's something I haven't ran into so I don't have an answer off the top of my head.  I know you probably have tried this but is he using a true black or is he using CYMK to mix to make the black?  I guess my question should be is he printing in monochrome or color.  I've had issues with that before especially with black not being able to get dark enough using CYMK.  I will do some research with my techs and update in the morning as well.


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Maybe try to just sell them a color laser printer?  I know that ink based systems will do the trick, but not sure if Kyo has any of those. I recently sold a Ricoh 11x17 laser printer to an account for the same process.  However, I had to make sure the printer I sold them printed at 1200 dpi.  You may also want to change the vellum. Make sure you are using vellum for a laser printer and not ink based.


I would check with Azon and tell em the P4P Hotel sent you.


I dont believe we carry any 11"x17" color printers.  That is my issue.  He originally just wanted a printer. I was trying to fit the need with a copier but and just will not print dark enough.  If the print is ran 2x it comes out perfect but its just a extra step he will not want, when buying a new machine.


The only 11"x17" we have is old the 9530DN.  And that is only b/w.


Looking like i might have to cut my losses on this one!  


Thank you all for your help and if something changes I will keep you all posted.

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