Is there any way to print a document and set it to duplex when using the bypass tray on this model?
I have a customer printing card stock info cards. They are perforated on 8.5 x 11" card stock and they need to print info on both sides.
I can't find any setting through the print driver to accomplish this and tech support says it cannot be done.
I know if it can be done I will find the answer here.
Thanks for the help,

John Anderson

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I don't think the mechanism that allows paper to duplex is engaged when you utilize the bypass. The manual feed of the bypass typically means you will manual duplex.

How thick is the card stock? There is a thick paper support through the paper trays.
Gentlemen, to my knowledge Ricoh devices do not duplex from the bypass at all. I could be wrong but this has happened to me. My gut is no duplex out of the bypass.
Ah, I believe it can, you've just got to have the right media selected. Once thick stocks have been selected the system will not allow you to duplex from the by-pass tray, they key os top trick the machine and tell the by-pss it is feeding regular or somewhat regular stock and then cross your fingers and hope all goes well with print reproduction and no jammin.
they key os top trick the machine

No, the key is to rewrite the firmware so it will accept duplexing and bypass. Otherwise you cant do it.

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