As it relates to a recent Ricoh 2105 install, and probably most of the line, a client is referencing the ability to print to a mailbox, like on the Canon imageRUNNER series. They want to send the job to the systems and print them later. The catch is they want the settings (staple, duplex, holepunch, etc.) to be held. They don't want to have to enter user id or password for each job. Any suggestions? Is the doc server supposed to be able to hold settings entered at the print driver?
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Have you tried using the RPCS driver? Customize one of the print ikons for all of the macros that you have mentioned, click apply then save. Reopen the file to be printed and then send it to the doc server. Would like to see if this works (probably not, but another idea to try).
Art, here is the reply to your note. Still searching...

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good afternoon...i tried to send a job to the doc server with, hole punch and staple, the driver immediately prompted me with a message that some features may not be available when sending to the doc server. the driver then grays these functions out, they must be selected from the op panel when the job is selected for printing. so i think we are back where we started. i'm not sure what the next step should be as it pertains to the dialogue that we must have with carolyn...let me know what you think

Double checked, the finisher is grayed out once you select the document server from the RPCS Driver.

Paper Source, Paper Type and Outsource trays are grayed or blocked out. Duplexing should work? That is not grayed out on the RPCS Driver.

My only other idea is to use the "program mode keys". Set #1 for staple, #2 for staple and punch, #3 punch no staple, etc, and then name the program for the corresponding document.

This is about all I can come up with, and if it works (which I think it should), I think its a pretty good work around!


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