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Print4Pay Hotel Blog Highlights Print Audit 6 Rules’ Benefits With A Little Inspiration From Dragnet

MFP Solutions Blog offers readers a Print Audit 6 mystery – how does a small dealer steal 12 million pages from the competition?

CALGARY, ALBERTA (May 2009) – It’s a sweltering day in New York City, and two hardboiled detectives are investigating a mystery: how is Acme Supply Company saving thousands of dollars a month in printing costs and who is stealing millions of their pages?

With a light-hearted parody of the popular 1950s cop show Dragnet, Print4Pay Hotel owner and copier industry expert Arthur Post has illustrated Print Audit 6’s unique benefits in a MFP Solutions blog entry like no other. In the post, detectives get to the bottom of a puzzling mystery: a large print management dealer is losing print volume to the tune of 12 million pages every four months – along with significant profits.

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About Print Audit:

Established in 1999 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Print Audit is the fastest growing print management company in the world. By providing businesses with innovative and practical print management software solutions, the company has helped customers recapture over $150 million in printing and photocopying expenses while saving an estimated 190,000 trees a year. Print Audit has offices located in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada and the United States.

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