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Equipment & Accessories

Item No.DescriptionSuggested Retail Price
407997Ricoh SP C435DN Color Laser Printer$1,069
406681Paper Feed Unit PB1020$468
411699IEEE1284 Interface Board Type A$134
407113IEEE802.11 Interface Unit Type O$400
417084USB Device Server Option Type M12$270
MX407776RAHard Disk Drive Option Type P7$399
407784VM Card Type P7$119
ESPAC1ESP AC1 Power Filter$30
52121Tall Cabinet Type C430$260
52111Medium Cabinet Type C430$245
406755Caster Table Type C$239



Order CodeEDP CodeDescriptionUnit PackagingOracle Unit of
821243821243Print Cartridge Black SP C435A1 - 205 g. CartridgeEA$85.0011,00011,000
821244821244Print Cartridge Yellow SP C435A1 - 205 g. CartridgeEA$215.0013,00013,000
821245821245Print Cartridge Magenta SP C435A1 - 205 g. CartridgeEA$215.0013,00013,000
821246821246Print Cartridge Cyan SP C435A1 - 205 g. CartridgeEA$215.0013,00013,000
407018407018Black Drum Unit SP C4301 - CartonCTN$161.7150,000n/a
407019407019Color Drum Unit SP C430 (One Drum per Color C, M, Y)1 - CartonCTN$484.1050,000n/a
406666406666Fusing Unit SP C430 (with 3 x Dust Filter)1 - CartonCTN$233.81120,000n/a
406664406664Transfer Unit SP C430 (Image Transfer Belt Unit, Paper Transfer Roller)1 - CartonCTN$147.29100,000n/a
406665406665Waste Toner Bottle SP C4301 - EachEA$24.7250,000n/a

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