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Attached is a spreadsheet that is using data that is almost 2 years old. Since it is in Excel, you may be able to update the numbers with current data. This was provided to me by Kevin Reidy who used to be the Sr. Strategic Products Sales Manager for Ricoh.

I remember him saying at the time that if an HP Plotter was going through a roll of paper a month (150 prints) then you could place a 240W for less than the supply costs of the HP.


Toner at $187 divided by 4,200 LF = .04452 per linear foot, in one linear foot with 36 inch wide paper there will be 3 square feet, .04452 divided by 3 = .0148412.

Paper??? Last I saw paper was about $28 per roll for 500 linear feet, thus the lf price is .056 and the square foot (36 inch paper) is .018.

.018 & .0148412 = .0328412 per sqaure foot, there are six square feet in a 24x36, thus the cost for only toner and paper is .0328412 x 6 = .1970472 per 24 x36.

50 drawings (24x36) with toner & paper would be $9.85, the spread sheet shows $10.32 (probably adding developer).

But what about PM costs, Drums and Service???

It's a good spreadsheet, just have to factor in the service and the consumables.

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