My client also asked that when using the PC3 (is this a print driver) files, can we save the plot to a specific folder on the network?
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Not sure I understand the question. Can you save files from plotbase - no. Can threy save files they have created in a program - sure, from the local workstation they can save the file on the local workstation, or to anywhere on the network they have access to.

The customer stated when using PC3 with AutoCAD, the system is saving the plot file to its own directory, he would like it to save to another drive they use for back up.

What is the PC3?

Could your client be referring to Postscript 3 and not PC3? Maybe they want to plot to file using the PS driver.
They can set the folder location in Autocad where they want to plot the image to file.
I could be wrong but that sounds like what you are referring to here.
AutoCAD stores information about the media and plotting device in configured plot files(PC3). Plot configurations are portable and can be shared in an office or on a project as long as they are for the same driver, model, and driver version.
This is an AutoCAD function and should work with any HDI or windows base printer. As long as everyone is using the same plotter or printer (they are). Example: when you create a MS word document and print it out, then, save the document. You also save the printer setting with the document (8.5*11, landscape, margins, layout…) this is the PC3 file. This file can be placed into other files as a default printer setting.
Boy was I wrong. Listen to v-tec. He is absolutely right about the pc3. Guess I had PS3 on the mind.
Looked at my autocad LT and felt pretty ignorant.

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