Has anyone ever ran into an issue plotting pdf files created in Bluebeam (Revu)?
Seems to continuously spool the file creating extremely large file sizes and uses most of the cpu to attempt to process. Files ultimately do not plot and must be canceled.
Ant thoughts would be most helpful.

John Anderson

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Wow!  A blast from the past.  I have run into this exact issue a number of years ago an a machine running PlotBase.  The problem is the layers in the CAD file are not being flattened properly.  The file explodes when you try to plot it.  The one solution I found was to open the offending file in Photoshop and then use Photoshop to convert it to a pdf or tiff and then plot it.  Other than that you'd have to educate the person creating the pdfs with Bluebeam on how to get their settings correct and make good pdfs.  They have to flatten the pdf.....otherwise the plotter software or driver will have to do it.


I spent hours on this issue.  The customer was convinced it was my machine's fault.  Ricoh was little help.  Finally I found that the common denominator was in the properties of the file and the PDF producer was Bluebeam.  Any time we hit a pdf created with this software the file wouldn't print.

If printing a Bluebeam PDF from the Windows driver select the advanced tab when you go to print it and then select "print as image" this will get it to print properly but it will spool a little longer. Otherwise you need to flatten it with a conversion software I recommend KIP Switch it is a free download on KIPs website.

We are having a similar issue from .pdf's that are sent to one of our engineering companies from some architects.  Some files print fine and others don't. Asking the customer what his clients use for .pdf ing got us no where.  If they are using Adobe Acrobat, is there is a select for "print as image"?

Got the Bluebeam issue resolved with Plotworks.

New question!

Does anyone know why I cannot get the Webprint tool to come up when I enter the ip address/webprint?

I have called Ricoh and they said to make sure the Tiff/GL Filter card is installed in the machine, which it is, and then it should work.

Doesn't work.

Any ideas????

Haven't had this many questions about a wide format in years.



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