NAPERVILLE, Ill., Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- PinPoint Document Management Version 4.0 will be released this month. Please take a look at some of the new enhancements listed below:

Document Handling

  • Share Documents – users can share documents to PinPoint users or non-PinPoint users, with the ability to set an expiration date.
  • New PDF Markup Tool – works with all browsers, not just Internet Explorer.
  • Proximity Search – allowing the ability to capture information directly from the document without a template.
  • Finalize Function – the ability to finalize a document so that changes cannot be made.
  • Remove Hold – user who place the hold on the document can now remove the hold.
  • Custom Retention Date – ability to set the specific retention date for an individual document.
  • Quick Search in Toolbar – added toolbar to search for files by document name from any screen.
  • Saved Searches – users can save custom searches on the Content Search screen.

Administrative Function Enhancements

  • New Admin Mode – for admin functions only.
  • Default Document Tab - ability to set a default document tab for document types.
  • Default Document Type – ability to set a default document type for cabinets.
  • Document Type Exclusion – restricts users from adding document types to incorrect folders.
  • Deleting Folders – administrators can delete folders in bulk.
  • Customized Broadcast – ability to set up to 3 different slider messages and links for your login screen.
  • New Onboarding Feature – to have the system auto-track documents for new hires, etc.

Gallery View Enhancements

  • Multiple Documents View – ability to view multiple documents at once.
  • Add New Folders – ability to add new folders on the fly.
  • Drag-and-drop in gallery - ability to drag documents directly into a folder or sub-divider.

Other System Enhancements

  • Alerts/Notifications in Toolbar – shows overdue tasks, new tasks and messages.
  • New Load Wheel – a loading wheel displays when the screen is loading or performing an action.
  • New GUI – reduced screens and menu for quicker navigation.
  • New Reporting – with one-button click to export to Excel, CSV, PDF

Workflow Enhancements

  • Supervisor Workflow Reassignment – workflow tasks can be re-assigned by any supervisor of the workflow.
  • Delayed Workflow – workflows can have a custom start date set at the File/Review screen, and that is the date the workflow begins for the document.
  • New Decision Workflow – a decision workflow is a choice given to the user when he/she is assigned the task; the choice could be either to start a new workflow, or a different step in the current or another existing workflow.
  • No-Document Workflow – a workflow can begin without a document being entered.
  • Viewable Restriction during Workflow – setting to have documents only viewable to users within the active workflow.
  • New Workflow Visual Report – this gives you the visual layout of the workflow (Visual Chart and Gantt Chart):

CM Enhancements

  • Automatic Account/Contact Creation – system will create an account/contact from PinPoint folders.
  • New CM Reporting – Accounts, Contacts, Summation, Opportunities, Tasks, Appointments

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