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(NewMediaWire) - June 29, 2015 -  Photizo Group has recognized Auxilio as a leader in managed print services (MPS). Auxilio was one of 13 independent channel partners that Photizo Group selected to participate in the 2015 Leaders Index for MPS Channel Partners, based on demonstrated leadership in MPS.


The Leaders Index for MPS Channel Partners is a collection of hand-selected, independent MPS partners from around the world that are regarded as the gold standard in managed print and document services. Photizo Group classifies this index of elite providers from across North America, Europe, Africa, and Australia as a lens to view the current landscape of MPS.


“Auxilio is set apart from other MPS providers given its unique methodology in serving providers in the healthcare space. With its comprehensive, vendor-neutral program clients realize a host of benefits across the spectrum of cost-savings to compliance. It is this considerate approach that sets the company apart as a leader time and again,” Ken Stewart, Vice President of Services, Photizo Group, Inc.


“As the managed services landscape reaches maturity in many markets, we continue to see a demonstrated need for measurable best practices and benchmarks built on real-world results by recognized leaders in managed print and document services,” said Mr. Stewart. “These MPS leaders not only demonstrate leadership in MPS, but a genuine interest in the pursuit of best practices that benefit the industry and the customers it serves.” 


The Leaders Index for MPS Channel Partners explores many aspects of the partners, including the following:


·        partner profile;

·        financial and performance metrics;

·        customer profile;

·        team structure;

·        sales and marketing approach;

·        service, support, and operations metrics; and

·        key performance benefits.


Only partners that Photizo Group determines to be among the best in the world are invited to participate in the Leaders Index. These aggregate results serve as a tangible set of benchmarks other partners can compare their own performance against.


Chosen MPS partners receive no compensation for participation.

About Auxilio, Inc.


Since 2004, Auxilio has led the Managed Print Services industry by offering an innovative and customer driven approach for healthcare organizations. Auxilio takes full responsibility for healthcare customers' on-site print environment through situation assessment, process analysis, strategy development and program implementation. Hospitals and health systems benefit from streamlined and aligned processes and infrastructure that result in print management programs that reduce cost, increase employee productivity and meet and exceed patient care standards.


Auxilio serves a national portfolio of over 220 hospital campuses and manages over 1.5 billion documents annually from over 90,000 devices supporting over 280,000 caregivers. Auxilio's Managed Print Services' business model is vendor neutral, provides full-time, on-site customer service and technical experts and is exclusive to the healthcare industry.


Through its Security Solutions Group – Redspin, Auxilio provides an end-to-end security offering that specifically addresses hospital security challenges or when a breach has occurred. The fully comprehensive portfolio of services and technology include HIPAA security risk assessments, penetration testing, security program development, incident response and forensics, vulnerability management and remediation, and a SaaS technology solution, Delphiis ™ IT Risk Manager to more than 135 hospitals. This complete service
offering is unique to the marketplace to ensure enterprise-wide security and improve patient experience through its ability to mitigate risk and improve efficiency across the hospital or health system.


About Photizo Group         

Photizo Group is a consulting and market intelligence firm. We go beyond simply gathering data to guide clients through a successful transformation as industries move from product-led to service-led business models.


Founded in 2006 as a boutique consulting and market intelligence firm, Photizo Group continually strives to provide world-changing impact for clients. We are passionate about guiding clients through times of disruption, and as transformation experts, we aim to lead you to emerging opportunities by leveraging our global, multi-industry expertise. Our analysts provide the market intelligence and solutions that connect you with the evolving customers and new profits necessary for success.



Auxilio, Inc.

Carrie Mulcahy


Photizo Group

Ken Stewart

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