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Interested in any Kyocera dealers' thoughts on the TASKalfa 406ci/356ci series that launched this year.

Essentially copier-level features in a A4 body, and slightly lower prices...

- Have these systems been successful for you?

- How are you positioning these in comparison to your A3 TASKalfas and A4 Ecosys models?

- What types of customers have been most successful with these systems?

- Any notable initiatives from Kyocera to get you to push these systems?



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Well I'm not a the dealer but I sell more than he does but I can give you some feedback if that's what you are looking for.  

 Not extremely successful it's like threading a needle cost wise or move a prospect to a 6535 when the volume is a little lower.  The the doc feed is way overpriced (which I'm sure you have heard that before).  Same dual scan doc feed price as the beasts on the A3s (especially the new series) for not even close to comparing in reliability.  I can crumple paper up into a little ball straighten it out and run it through the A3's not the 5110 on the 356/406.  

For me medical seems to be a good fit.  Don't have a lot of space but want a "full sized machine."  I have had  a couple buy then shut down access to the color.

Haven't heard of anything about pushing them out by Kyocera as of yet but I'm not on the dealer end of things so everything doesn't filter down.

I am however very impressed with the new color A3s 3252 and 2552 and the footprint is slightly smaller than the previous A3s.  



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