This profile replicates the PANTONEĀ® Matching System,
the reference standard for defining custom colors in
graphic arts, textiles, and numerous creative color
industries. PANTONE is used in graphic applications such
as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, as well as
QuarkXPress, Macromedia Freehand, and several
versions of CorelDRAW and Designer. Its applications
include the precise reproduction of custom colors for
company logos, brochures, skin tones, and packaging.
Many of the colors are custom mixtures that are created
from the process colors (CMYK). There are more than
3,000 PANTONE colors, and while it is impossible for a
CMYK printer to reproduce them all, the Ricoh SP
C830DN and SP C831DN can reproduce a subset of
1,089 PANTONE-defined colors in this mode. It is this
support that helps Ricoh position these printers as
graphics-quality devices.

Please note this function is not available through the printer drivers. PANTONE has created a special release
package for Ricoh that is available for download from the Ricoh website. These color palettes are used when
creating new documents within specific applications such as those mentioned above. In order for a user to get
the closest possible match to a PANTONE color from a Ricoh device the user must download these color
palettes into the application, and then select colors from these imported palettes to create their design.
The main difference between the PaletteColor CMYK Simulation Profile and PANTONE Support is that
PaletteColor CMYK Simulation Profile is used when the file has already been created on another device,
allowing users to get the closest match (read: simulation) to the PANTONE colors using their Ricoh printer.
Ricoh Color Profile for PANTONE Support is used when creating a brand new file. In this case the user is best
importing genuine PANTONE palettes into their application prior to building a new original document, and
selecting colors directly from the PANTONE profiles
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