I have been asked by several members of the Print 4 Pay Hotel if we might be able to put together a Training Seminar/Solutions Event.

First thoughts would to have this event over two or three days and have it sponsered by our Authorized Vendors.

Doculex, VircoSoft, Sentryfile, Idatix, Memory Experts, Print Audit, Ricoh may be able to have training and solution seminars.

I think this can be pulled off depending on how many members would commit. We could also have a round table with P4P members and discuss solutions and expertise that we can bring to a certain area.

Would like to hear from everyone, even if you are not interesed!

Please post your comments and any ideas that may help us.

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VircoSoft ready to go! The "Solution Revolution" is spreading like wildfire throughout the small to mid-sized business market. See first-hand why copier dealers across the country are closing more hardware deals with our easy to use Virtual Copier electronic filing application. Only available through VircoSoft Authorized Resellers.

We hope you will join us and the other fine P4P Hotel Authorized Vendors at "The Event"!

High Fives to the P4P managers.

Steve Breault
VircoSoft, LLC
Good to hear from you Sam, we have set up a committee for the event.

Mike Sasso, New Jersey (Team Leader)\
Jim Parker, Longview, Texas
John Anderson, Gainesville, FLA

If you can help or have idea please contact any of the guys above.

I'll try to get the email addresses for you all.

Lets keep it going.

How are things? Good I hope I see you have been fishing..... where did you buy that fish??? HA HA HA I hope you and your family are doing well, call me sometime 954-258-0766

Take care


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