One of our most popular feature suggestions was for liking individual comments/replies.  Today, we are rolling out our "You Like Me" release, which includes that and more, 


Here are the highlights of this software update:


1.  "Like" Comments and Replies


Sometimes posting an actual comment or reply is overkill and all you want to do is give a quick thumbs up. You can now do so with our support for comment/reply likes.  Such likes will appear in the site and profile activity streams. In addition, comment authors can be notified about the likes, if they prefer.  



3.  One-Click Suspend Notifications in Emails


We have fundamentally changed the way we send content notification emails and this allows us to add support for un-subscribing from all content notification emails in one click from the email.  When a user clicks on the link to stop email notifications, he will not have to sign into your site, making the process extremely quick.  The action is equivalent to checking the "Suspend All Email Notifications" link on the member notification settings page. 



5.  Stock Avatars

For member avatars, we now support both user-uploadable avatars and/or stock avatars (avatars that you upload and that your members can choose from).  Some sites do not want their members to upload their own avatar images, so supporting stock avatars gives you another way to control the experience on your community.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.08.47 AM

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