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Océ has introduced an innovative wide format software package, Océ Repro Desk Studio. This software is specifically aimed at print job creation, previewing and submission to multiple printers, including integrated job tracking and accounting functions.

Maximizes printing convenience
Océ Repro Desk Studio maximizes printing convenience by providing customers with a single, uniform user interface for all devices, eliminating complexity and reducing time spent on print jobs. Integrated accounting allows jobs to be assigned to users and projects, turning print costs into chargeable income. Océ Repro Desk Studio is part of the Océ Repro Desk family of end-to-end print management software solutions.

Easy-to-use entry-level software tool
“Océ Repro Desk Studio software gives end-users an easy-to-use entry-level tool to speed and simplify their wide format printing,” said Océ Product Manager Lex-Jan Westra. “Now all end-users can print to their in-house print devices, or even to an external print provider, all with the same, clear user interface. Accurate job previewing for all technical document file formats shows exactly how jobs will look when printed, avoiding the need for costly reprints. And the integrated accounting functions make costs transparent and allow charging to projects or customers when appropriate.”

Easy, uniform access to multiple print devices
Océ Repro Desk Studio software meets end-users’ needs for easy access to different printers – whether from Océ or other brands, wide or small format, color or black & white, local or remote – all with the same user interface. It also allows jobs to be submitted to local printers or even to an external print provider. Rules can be preset for automatic job distribution or splitting to the most suitable printers, for example by document format, use of color or size of the print job.

Simple and transparent for end-users
Use of Océ Repro Desk Studio by end-users is simple and transparent. Jobs can be created from multiple documents using the free Océ Client Tools print submission software. Individual documents can then be previewed before printing with true WYSIWYP – What You See Is What You Print – that shows exactly how they will print on the selected printer, allowing accurate checking of document contents and print settings.

Economies for the user organization
As well as saving time for end-users, Océ Repro Desk Studio provides significant economies for the user organization. The software is easily installable, with a wizard configuration for easy setup. No costly support is needed from IT specialists or external consultants, and the need to install and maintain multiple drivers on users’ workstations is eliminated. In addition no specific hardware investments are required as the software can run on an existing print server or standard PC. Economies are also realized during use by ensuring that all print jobs are appropriately routed. Large jobs can be handled economically by sending them automatically to an external print provider when their size exceeds a preset level.

Integrated job accounting makes costs chargeable
With its integrated job tracking and accounting capabilities, Océ Repro Desk Studio is a significant advance in wide format print software functionality. Utilizing technology from Sepialine, the accounting features of the Océ Repro Desk Studio software allow all print, scan and copy jobs on wide format devices to be tracked automatically. As well as optimizing internal cost control, these functions ensure that printing costs can be charged to projects or customers instead of disappearing into overheads.

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