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Hi All,

I just heard this from my Nuance Guy, now Kofax guy that all of Nuance Imaging Division (eCopy, AutoStore, Equitrac, CopiTrack, etc) was sold to Kofax. I think that this could be a good thing for the Dealer Channel as Nuance seemed a little lost figuring out how to do non-drop ship business. Hopefully we will also see some of that cool Kofax Processing ability make it into these products. That could be a real differentiator for ShareScan or AutoStore if they could have Kofax Proccesing right in the MFD App!!!! It could be a reason to choose their embedded app over the standard scanning offerings.

That's my $0.02

Vince McHugh

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THanx for this. I just pulled up a recent Wikipedia on them:

Thoma Bravo Purchases Kofax[edit]

Thoma Bravo, a private equity and growth capital firm, secured the July 2017 acquisition of Lexmark’s Enterprise Software business which consists of three entities: Kofax, ReadSoft, and Perceptive Software.[36] Following this, Kofax and ReadSoft would combine into a single, newly independent Thoma Bravo portfolio company.[37]

The First Mile[edit]

The “First Mile” is a trademark of Kofax that is intended to describe the initial information-intensive interactions customers have with an organization, such as loan applications, claim submissions, and new account openings.


In 2015, Kofax was named the Most Innovative Solution for Banking Customer Authentication by Grand Prix Banque & Innovation.[38] By 2017, the brand was recognized as a Best Channel Vendor by Business Solutions Magazine in January, a Hot Vendor in Robotic Process Automation in September, and the Most Innovative Solution for Banking Customer Authentication by Grand Prix Banque & Innovation in October.[39][40][41] Kofax Kapow was added to Constellation ShortList for Robotic Process Automation in February 2018.[42]

Products and services[edit]

The product and professional services of Kofax Inc. are managed by Kofax employees and approximately 850 authorized retailers.[43]

  • Kofax Kapow: Robotic Process Automation and web data integration[44]
  • Kofax Insight: Rapid, no-coding development, near real-time reporting, dashboard, visualization and extract, transform, load (ETL) capabilities for both data and process analytics.[45]
  • Kofax TotalAgility: Multi-channel capture, business process and case management, data integration, advanced analytics and mobility in a single platform[46]
  • Kofax ReadSoft Online: Cloud-based invoice processing automation solution with a low support/maintenance cost for consumers[47]
  • Kofax Capture: Scan documents and forms to replicate digital information to extract[48]
  • Kofax SignDoc: E-signature solution that can be integrated with Kofax FraudOne to capture signatures at new account opening and pass them to a database for verification.[49]

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