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Is anyone selling or bundling Nsi Autostore with their MFPs?  If so, what features are you selling?  Are you providing the Autostore server or using a customers hardware?  How is it affecting the monthly lease investment?  Are you listing it as a line item or are you including it as a value add to your product to change the game on the competition?  Are you billing for professional services or are you including a certain amount of time?


Thanks for any feedback.

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JS, I am doing this for many accounts.  The value prop for the customer is the ability to browse to folder from the MFP.  I mention none of the other features unless asked.


We install to the customers server, I build in 3 hours of pro services and then bundle the entire cost in the system.  My selling advantage is that with my system you can browse to folder from the MFP easily.



Personally, I have not been successful in selling Auto Store so I'm probably not much help. However, I would ask why it would be necessary to bundle these things. If I was fortunate enough to be in a situation where the customer sees the value of the software and this criteria is necessary, I would propose a basic workflow and 3rd party DMS integration and Sharepoint integration would be professional services at a billable rate or discounted block of time.

Maven , 

What I tell my customers and when I'm out with sales reps is it's all about getting things done in less steps. I'm in the legal vertical so time is money and everyone has an hourly billable.  Right now here's the average user scan:

1.) User walks up to MFP and logs in

2.) Finds their name via LDAP or enters manually and then enters client and matter

3.) Selects Scan to email 

4.) Sends PDF to their email 

5.) Walks back to their desk

6.) Finds Canon Scan 00034789* (or doesn't because file was to big which means they have to go back to the copier and break it apart because no one turned on file splitting

7.) Open conversion software to convert to searchable PDF

8.) Open DMS software 

9.) Find file /folder structure and manually move file (or in some cases move it to a sweeper file

That's a lot of time wasted when you're billing clients $400 per hour. 

With my software it works like this:

1.) Walk up to MFP and enter windows log in or card swipe

2.) We've stored your last 5 favorites you were working on but if it's something else just enter the first few letters or case number and it'll pop up for you

3.) Select scan to whatever DMS you have installed (iManage, Worldox, NetDocs, ProLaw etc.)  

4.) Sub folder structure pops up so select where it needs to go

5.) Copier unlocks to make any last minute changes (duplex, dpi, etc.)

Hit Start -

Finished. Scan to searchable PDF was the default so nothing to change. 

Art - FYI, I've been speaking to my VP, I'll give you a call this week about doing something with P4P- I think I've got the go ahead. 




Art, the big thing is for Nuance/Copitrak do this you need external tablets, and people are pretty sick of ecopy. We embed right in the MFP for Ricoh, Konica, Canon and Xerox so even if there's too many months left in the current lease we can embed the software in the current equipment and then just move the license to your MFPS when it's time to change hardware. I just did that with a POA rep in Denver, the customer had Canons and when they're ready switch we'll move it for a very small (couple of hundred bucks) license transfer fee

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