I'm just coming off my third install of NSI on our Ricoh MFP's.  In the latest install, we sold to a real estate attorney.  


We had two issues:


1. None of us realized the time that it took for NSI to OCR the file and then put it on the service. Depending on the how many pages some file were taking 5 or more minutes to process.


2.  We did not realize the customer wanted instant access to the file once they scanned it.  This was an issue!  To solve the issue we set up another SMB path that did not go through NSI, thus our customer was able to get instant access and if they needed to archive the file they would scan the document again.


So, here's my questions, if they have a file that was not OCR'd can that file just be imported to NSI and then NSI will process the ocr?



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Perhaps you could have engaged your professional services group who would have asked specific questions of the client to determine what their workflow would be and ultimately the configuration of the software. They could have helped you avoid those two issues if they had the opportunity to speak to the client prior to install. 

Honestly, I don't think your customer has a reasonable expectation.  OCRing large documents takes time.....it doesn't matter what OCR engine you are using.  I played programming NSI for the first time yesterday in our showroom and the small scans I was doing were instant.  20 pages of invoices....not so fast.  It is what it is.

Lots of experience w NSI.  First, never worry about slowing the sales cycle - get it right up front.  Second, large files always require additional fire power to OCR, I have seen many happy customers after adding addtl OCR engines from NSI.  My recommendation is to engage a PS resource or NSI themselves, you will have a happyer customer as a result.

No experience with Output Manager, but have been VERY pleased with PaperCut so far.  We have an installation in Phase 1 right now with 19 MFPs, all embedded with PaperCut (prox card authentication), XMedius Fax Server, PSI Capture Intelligent Routing, and DocAudit.   Should be interesting to say the least!



Not sure if this would help but there is a setting in the ABBYY componenet for allow pass through.  This should allow the original file to pass through.  I'm not sure if this would happen before the OCR process or after.  If it happened before, the final product could be appended to differentiate the OCR'd document or directed to a different location.

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