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Newly released U.S. Coast Guard video offers visceral proof of just how extreme the congestion has become at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The new view from above reveals a vast armada of container ships scattered at anchor across California’s San Pedro Bay.

As the Coast Guard footage paints the picture, the latest data from the Port of Los Angeles and from the Marine Exchange of Southern California tells the story behind those images.

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The log jam of containers waiting to be unloaded on the US West coast has caused an unexpected bidding war for empty containers to ship new goods from the Far East.

I have attached a promo video from Toshiba for a new service management system.  It shows what a copier warehouse can look like.

At the :50 mark it shows a warehouse stocked with copiers stacked six high. Copiers are usually shipped in containers across the Pacific.

The double whammy of a global microchip shortage combined with a deep backlog of ships waiting to unload containers full of copiers is not good news for the industry.

Ocean freight rates from China are currently considered sky high and those increases will have to be eventually passed on to the end user.

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