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Ok, just had a chance to review the brochure, it's on the Ricoh USA web site as of today.

Couple of items I'm not a happy with.

  • Dual Roll is a standard feature!  No doubt, the MSRP be higher compared to the likes of OCE and KIP since they offer single roll devices.  In the pas if someone asked me the percentage of single roll and dual roll that I sold, it would have to be 70% single and 30% dual. Mind you we still have to wait on the pricing, but I'm not expecting a reduction for two rolls vs one roll.
  • It was mentioned here, in the past you could separate the 3600's for deliver when going up a flight of stairs, no more with the new model
  • I see there is a SD network print card, wtf does that mean?  Does that mean networking printing is an option? If so, just another cost we need to eat
  • No optional paper cassette like the older models
  • No mention of Ricoh ICE on the brochure, I'm pretty sure it does since there is a browser option
  • No Smart Op Panel option, which pretty much means no sizzle
  • No large LCD Display
  • Print Resolution is still only 600dpi, we're gonna get out butts kicked here

In addition, we're still waiting to see where the MSRP is.  Anyone have anything to add?

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Just looked at the pricing for the first time and was pleased to find that cost is significantly less than the old model even if the old model was a single roll configuration.

The real downside is the size of the machine.  I've also never been a big fan of how the older versions of this design handled the output.....either out the back or falling on the floor out the front.  The best way to deal with output on these machines is with a Tamaran Stacker but then the customer needs way more space and these units cost a couple thousand dollars.

I was somewhat delighted with the pricing also.  I'm a big fan of the front exit tray for "D" size, not so big a fan for the rear "E" size.  Years ago, one P4P member had made a front delivery tray that accepted "D" & "E". It was awesome, not sure what happened to that member or his product, but now maybe a good time offer that exit tray again.

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