Looks like there's some more new stuff coming soon. I have seen info on the Aficio 2022, 2022 S/P, 2027, 2027 S/P and the 1113. Also saw what I think is going to be the new digital wide format to replace the FW870 analog machine.

Anyone else seen this stuff?

Does anyone have a current year product launch schedule or a 2004 schedule?

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Does anyone have any info on when the 2022/27's will be released? I need them by 11-15-03. Working a 150+ machine deal with multiple locations in TX and they love the 2090/105's, 1060/75's, 2035/45's, especially the scan-to-email on them and, and want them on the 22/27's also. Decision will be made on 11-15-03. We have eliminated Ikon, Xerox, (which had the account) and Toshiba. It's between Konica and Ricoh now.
From what I have seen, looks like December or so. (This is all hearsay though). If we can get the information, it may be worth having them wait on the 22/27 models. Also, on that kind of deal, if Ricoh has the inventory sooner, I would think they would do something for a deal maker.

Some of the installs will be in Greenville, so if you do that, you may get some. By the way, where's my Scanrouter Pro any ETA?
Was just told by Ricoh Customer Service that there is a 250 unit back-order on 1022's and they will probably be substituted with the new units. No ETA.

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