Marketing Bulletin

Bulletin #08-GB-004

Date: April 2, 2008

To: Konica Minolta Dealer Partners

From: Marketing and Product Development

Subject: Introducing the New KIP 9000 High Volume Wide Format System

We are pleased to announce the release of the newest high volume wide format system from
KIP -- the KIP 9000. At 22 ‘D’ sized prints per minute with ultra-fast file processing and
conversion, the KIP 9000 is the fastest wide format printer on the market.

In addition to the launch of the KIP 9000, we are also pleased to inform you that we now have
web content and support materials for the KIP 7000 available on MyKonicaMinolta.

As with all KIP systems, the KIP 9000 is a toner-based B&W printer that is available in a variety of configurations. Thanks to KIP’s advanced user interface, the new high volume 9000 is as easy to operate as the KIP 3000. In fact, the user interface on all four KIP models (3000, 5000, 7000 and 9000) is virtually identical.

The KIP 9000 is available in the following configurations:

7640004664 KIP 9000 Network Printer

7640004665 KIP 9000 Printer w/Copying & B&W Scanning (w/KIP 600 Basic Scanner)

7640004666 KIP 9000 Printer w/Copying & Color Scanning (w/KIP 600 Basic Scanner)

7640004675 KIP 9200 Printer w/Copying & B&W Scanning (w/KIP 2100 High Speed Scanner)

7640004676 KIP 9200 Printer w/Copying & Color Scanning (w/KIP 2100 High Speed Scanner)

In addition to the above systems, KIP offers a variety of hardware and software options that
further enhance system functionality. KIP systems are easily field-upgradeable via software key codes to add the features to evolve with your customer’s needs.

Warranty Information

All KIP models come with a 90-day parts and labor warranty for manufacturer defects directly
from KIP.

KIP 9000 Features

• KIP 9000: Prints 22 ‘D’ size sheets per minute at 600 x 600 dpi resolution

o That’s 15% faster than any other printer in its class!

• 100% toner efficient operation from 4 media rolls

• Integrated touch screen display provides advanced system management

• KIP software and application drivers included with each system

KIP 9000 Print, Copy and Scan Systems

• Single, space saving system footprint with no need for additional PCs

• Create color copies directly to inkjet printers

• Scan documents into a wide range of monochrome and color file formats

• Image presets with real time copy and scan previews provide maximum quality control KIP 9200 Production System

• Exceptionally durable scanner construction ensures reliable operation and consistent image
quality for production environments

• Covers the full range of monochrome and color imaging applications without sacrificing speed or resolution

• KIP technology delivers enhanced monochrome images with maximum fine line and grayscale accuracy

• Create superior copies to inkjet printers and accurate scans from complex color originals

• Copy and print to multiple inkjets to maximize production of high quality, color matched copies

• Color copy capabilities include image paneling and nesting for optimum media usage with optional KIP Color Max software

• View and print digital files using advanced color management and image editing features
with optional KIP Color Max software Website

Konica Minolta has added landing pages for the KIP 7000 and 9000 to MyKonicaMinolta under

Product Showcase > Production Print Systems > Wide Format. In addition to having tabs for
system overview, features, accessories and FAQ’s you can download Support Materials such
as brochures and manuals. Website

In addition to having information available on MyKonicaMinolta, Konica Minolta employees (both

sales and service) can access a special micro-site set up by KIP America especially for Konica
Minolta. The web address is (note: no "www" in the address). Here you will find a plethora of useful information including:

• Installation Documents

• User Manuals

• Parts Manuals

• Technical Bulletins

• Tech Tips

• Schematics

• Firmware

• PM Forms


We are confident that the new KIP 9000 will be the tool that enables you to beat Oce in more

high volume opportunities. The KIP 9000 is the fastest wide format product in its class so the
time is NOW to approach those high volume customers that you couldn’t before.

Good luck and good selling!

Mike Fego
Manager, Product Marketing

Production Print Systems
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