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It's here!  A high quality, easy to install exit tray for the Ricoh wide format devices that will allow stacking of "E" size prints/copies to the front of the device.  In addition, it's less than half the cost of the Ricoh OEM stacker tray.

I was able to install one of these prototypes on a clients device, took me less than 15 minutes to install!!!

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  • Ricoh Wide Format Exit Tray: Works with MP W6700SP, MP W7100SP, MP W8140SP
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Just a heads up on that tray.......if the customer bumps into the tray there is a very good chance that the metal tray will fall on your customer's feet.  I had it happen to me.  To see what I mean mount the tray on your 6700 and push the tray forward in the center......the two hooks will disengage and the tray will come crashing down.  I came up with a very simple modification to this tray that will eliminate the possibility of this ever happening.  The addition of a couple of self adhesive bumpers strategically placed on the tray between it and the 6700 will eliminate the possibility of the tray accidentally pushing back and falling off of the copier.  These peel and stick bumpers can be found at your local hardware store for about $2.00 usually found with the chair hardware.

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