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March 16, 2016 09:03 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SYDNEY & PORTLAND, Ore.--()--DocsCorp, a global leader in document productivity software for document management professionals, announced today that NetDocuments, a leading cloud-based document and email management service, now integrates with the new cloud-based version of contentCrawler, its integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework. Running on the Microsoft Azure platform, the contentCrawler cloud version is available for download from Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

contentCrawler (via Azure) and NetDocuments are cloud-based solutions. Processing is therefore faster and more secure since files are never downloaded to local machines. Operating in the cloud also means no on-premises infrastructure is necessary. Provision of the software is very fast and occurs within minutes. contentCrawler running in Microsoft Azure comes preconfigured and ready to run in Audit mode, providing insight into how much non-searchable content exists in the firm’s NetDocuments cabinets.

DocsCorp CTO and Co-founder Shane Barnett explains: “Now available in the cloud via Microsoft Azure, contentCrawler integration adds an important dimension to NetDocuments, ensuring all cabinets are completely searchable so there are no “missing” documents – cabinet content is transparent for the users. Also, since both solutions are cloud-based, the speed of deployment and security of the contentCrawler/NetDocuments integration is optimal. Our clients will enjoy a new degree of flexibility since contentCrawler desktop and cloud editions now both integrate with NetDocuments.”

“We’re thrilled to see DocsCorp embracing a cloud-first strategy by leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform for the contentCrawler integration with NetDocuments,” Alvin Tedjamulia, CTO at NetDocuments stated. “The rate of innovation in the cloud continues to eclipse that of on-premises or hosted on-premises solutions, and smart companies like DocsCorp are taking full advantage of this by responding to market demand and offering contentCrawler as a cloud-to-cloud integrated solution.”

contentCrawler and NetDocuments services integrate seamlessly

NetDocuments cloud-based DMS enables firms to have productivity, efficiency, and security and compliance around their documents and email. However, firms with image-based files and scanned documents cannot take full advantage of NetDocuments enterprise search engine for full-text search capability. contentCrawler changes that by converting all image-based documents to text-searchable PDFs which can then be indexed by NetDocuments for improved searchability across a matter, cabinet, or repository.

By finding non-searchable documents such as TIFF and scanned PDF files in NetDocuments, contentCrawler ensures ALL documents are 100% searchable and retrievable, even if attached to email messages. contentCrawler then OCRs these files, automatically profiling the resulting searchable documents directly into NetDocuments with minimal intervention.

contentCrawler currently supports two services: OCR and compression. In the case of the Compression module, contentCrawler will identify documents where a certain level of compression is achievable to reduce storage and upload/download costs. IT Administrators can combine contentCrawler modules into a single, multi-process service for even greater efficiency and productivity. For example, a combined OCR and Compression service would locate all the non-searchable image-based documents in NetDocuments, OCR and convert them to smaller, text-searchable PDFs.

About DocsCorp

DocsCorp provides document professionals who use enterprise content management systems with integrated, easy-to-use software and services that extend document processing, review, manipulation and publishing workflows inside and outside their environment to drive business efficiency and to increase the value of their existing technology investment. DocsCorp operates in all countries around the world with customers located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific. More than 3,500 organizations rely on DocsCorp software every day.


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