I have a customer that has a direct mail company set up out of state.

Here's what I know they are running 250K per month through a Pitney Bowes System. I beleive it is called a "Documatch", although I could be wrong. The system also has two installed WP50 printers, I have found out that these are the HP9050N's.

The system will print mailers and then batch according to zip codes to get the lowest cost mail rate.

What I need to know is about the print stream from the documatch, is it coming in just as pcl, and if so, could we use ricoh printers for the output>

Any help would be appreicated!

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correction, it is not a DocuMatch being used, basically a pitney bowes server with software is generating the print stream
Need more info - I have found that variable data programs are optimized for PS, not PCL output. The windows-based ones should be capable of both.
Do they have some sort of embedded forms on the printers HDDs? If so, can those same forms be installed on other manufacturers printers.

If the print workflow is printer-centric (vs all controlled via server/software) then, you would need to research if the same printer controls will be available to Ricohs.

If it is all server-based data and forms merger, then the output files should be fairly easy to test. If you are not "reinventing the wheel" for them, then plugging a device should be easy enough to verify compatibility.
Geez, I do not believe they have embedded forms on the hard driver, however I will ask.

I did just get off the phone with Pitney Bowes support and told them that I had the Pitney Bowes Mail Server and my printer failed, and asked if I could install any printer that had emulated HP. They said that would work, problem with hooking up another printer is that the account is about 1,300 miles away.

I will do some more research to dot the i's and cross the t's and I will ask for the exact model numbers of what they have.


Seems an easy way to test this would be to have the customer capture the print file and send it to you. This has the added benefit of telling you if the output is PS or PCL.

Then you send it to the Ricoh and see what comes out. If it looks perfect, then it's not printer centric, if it doesn't look good (or more likely, doesn't print), there's something needed on the printer.

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