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Ouch, that's a tough one.

If it's really a proprietary system, there's probably no chance of a converter being available.

What's the actual file format? Does it save in an an autocad format? or HPGL?

Secondly, why do you need it to be PDF? If it's for printing to a ricoh wide format, could they use a PDF print driver to drop the file into a folder for the Rioch to grab it from?
Jason -- no the goal it to print a version of an 11 x 17 drawing and scale down to a letter size document. My PCL and PS3 driver is not reading the lines on the drawing as an image.
I posted for a colleague so who just joined so I am not sure of the file format, nor am I familiar w/ this application.

2nd part yes -- they could do that -- that was a quick work around that we did - but was unhappy with the amount of clicks that it had to go through. They have a CANON that does it no problem.
Here's part of the confusion, this is posted in the wrong forum. This forum is for Industry wide announcements. If you had it in the forum for Ricoh issues, that'd have told us more about what type of issue you were working on.

RATIO is the company that makes the controllers/software for the Ricoh wide-format, so not an issue in this case.

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