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Just signed up in here and I'm trying to find some 85 - 105 discussion. We don't have a ton out but ones We do, don't seem to run all that well. Like 80K to 130K between Calls. Is ricoh going to replace that engine with a new generation anytime in the near future ?

Thanks Marty
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I have heard that new generations are on the way. My high volumes are running somewhere in the vicinty of 100K between calls.

There have been many postings in reference to high volume in the "P4Pballroom" message board.

Here are the posts, they were in the general message board.
I don't know what you guys are talking about. We have tons of both 850's 1050's and 1085's (at least 50 from within my branch location) in the field. Mostly in schools (which I personally think is the worst environment to place a copier-due to too many hands on the machine by teachers who can care less about do's and don'ts.). But they quite often run PM to PM without any calls. And I've found that the majority of "in between calls" are due to user mishandling and abuse.Most of the environments they are in run an average of 100-250K per month. There is only one customer of the 10 I've personally sold that I'm slightly skiddish about recommending as a reference. Only because they've had a number of problems due to the fact that they run the 1085 in a non-airconditioned school and copy room and the paper they had purchased last year was stored in a trailer outside all summer long and was so high in moisture content that the reem wrappers had crinkles on them when they bought the paper inside. Our techs ran 10 copies and then checked the fuser and it had beads of water on it. That's how wet it was. We suggested the customer bring as much paper inside, remove from the wrappers, and fan it upon removal. This seems to have helped things alot. Plus the dry winter months help also. We're holding our breath for the summer because they are moving into another new building in September that will be environmentally favorable for the paper storage and copier center (fully airconditioned). Not to mention the fact that they will be creating a CRD environment which will have only 1 to 2 users running all the jobs for the teachers as opposed to having 75 teachers using the same machine. The other 4 systems we have in that school district are my strongest references. We (other reps in my branch) just won a 15 machine 1085 deal with another school district by taking the decision makers onsite to one of this districts' schools for a demo and interview with the key operator. They split about 350K monthly on 2 1085's in tandem.
I also would point out that I'm blessed by having some of the best high volume techs (15-20 years average experience on Ricoh systems) on the east coast working on these. They have told me that the improvements made to the 1085 engine regarding clutches etc have dramatically improved reliability over the 850/1050 engines (not that I've had many problems with the 850/1050) The only 1050 I have in the field is a customer who runs about 125K per month and pretty much runs from PM to PM. The only reason they bought the 1050 and not the 850 was because they thought they didn't want to lose running speed from the Xerox 5100. What they didn't realize or want to hear was the 850 was overall more higher productivity on duplex and stapled sets than the 5100 could ever do.So we gave them what they wanted.They have nothing but good things to say about it. And we've often used them as a demo site for customers that we're taking away from Xerox.( I very rarely demo these in our branch showroom) It's much more powerful when they hear it from the current customers mouth than the sales rep. I haven't lost one yet when I do it this way.

Bottom line is that these machines run great when used properly, and serviced by technicians who really know their stuff.

Pete M.
From: spressomon Sent: 1/5/2003 8:56 PM

You're not the only one that has trouble with 85/105 Ricoh's. The bulletin 'pack' is pretty thick now. We have approximately 20 out in the field. The only ones that run half way decent are the ones only running 75K or so. Ricoh really led us out on that limb...but the reality is Ricoh's high speed copiers have NEVER been Xerox/Kodak/Oce killers...oh well...none of the other Japanese copier companies have one either...

From: Marty Sent: 1/6/2003 5:17 AM

Great info the print shop this 85 is in has some variable humidity, they are remodeling so this might work as a great proof source.

I'm now thrilled i joined p4p



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