N.W.O. I.T. Services is pleased to announce it has acquired PenTech Computer Company, an IT services provider that has been in business since 1984.

St. Louis, MO – N.W.O. I.T. Services, a leading provider of managed IT services, has recently acquired PenTech Computer Company. With this recent acquisition, the skilled IT company improves its ability to provide customers in the greater Saint Louis area with reliable managed IT services.

N.W.O. I.T. Services has been in business since 2008. With the acquisition of PenTech Computer Company, established in 1984, the IT services provider now has over 45 years of combined experience to offer its customers. N.W.O. I.T. Services was originally founded by Nick Oughton, an experienced information technology professional, to rectify a troubling industry trend. As digital interaction increased, the IT companies behind the digital technology boom became more out of touch with their customer base. The growing detachment between IT services provider and consumer-led to frustration and dissatisfaction. It also allowed IT companies to build their own success on the backs of disillusioned and mistreated subscribers.

To correct the problem, Oughton created an information technology company that always put consumers first. Oughton’s company was established to not only give customers access to reliable information technology services but to solve their IT-related problems with integrity and genuine concern. While healthy growth remains one of the company’s consistent long-term goals, its main priority is to deliver exceptional value to each of its customers. Thus, the company’s goals for its own growth never override its commitment to putting customer needs first. 

At the heart of each interaction with N.W.O. I.T. Services is a philosophy of honesty and transparency. From sales representatives to management, all team members are united in the common goal of building trust and providing step-by-step solutions to IT problems. As a result of their consistent dedication to their customer base, the team at N.W.O. I.T. Services has built one of the most trusted names in the managed IT industry.

Those interested in learning more about N.W.O. I.T. Service’s recent acquisition of PenTech Computer Company are welcome to call 314-270-9492. The company also welcomes all inquiries about its managed IT services and cloud solutions.

About the Company

NWO IT Services was founded in 2008 in response to a disturbing industry trend. Our founder, Nick, after working in information technology for most of his life, noticed companies were growing increasingly out of touch. In a world where digital interaction was only bound to increase, he saw the potential for creating a business that puts the customers and community before itself. At the heart of it all, Nick wanted to create a team that was transparent, honest and exceptionally skilled at information technology.

This philosophy still resonates today, and it is the main reason we’ve garnered so much success at NWO. We strive to deliver the highest quality service while also fostering a preferred partnership with our local roots. It is our main goal, then, to give exceptional service and value to each of our customers.

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