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The latest version of PaperScan is now available for download from Apple’s AppStore and Google Play. The free scan app from ECM specialist DocuWare enables the scanning of paper documents with any smartphone. PaperScan 2.0 is very easy to use and the excellent scan quality meets the highest demands of the business world.


A little more than one year after the introduction of the first version of PaperScan, DocuWare, a global Document Management leader, is now launching the newest generation of its scan app. Approximately 22,000 downloads speak for the quality of the product. It’s extremely easy to use: simply hold a smartphone over a document and the image will be automatically scanned; scan any additional pages if necessary; then upload them into the DocuWare document management system, into Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, or send the images by email. PaperScan will extract the document from the photo, de-skew it, and generate a PDF file. All of this happens totally automatically. Even with poor light conditions, perfect results can be achieved with help of a flash. The core components of DocuWare’s technology are pending patent approval.


PaperScan is Intelligent

It’s even easier for DocuWare users: to link the PaperScan app with its own document management system, DocuWare’s Browser Client now offers a PaperScan QR code. After the code has been scanned with a smartphone, the device will recognize all system integration parameters automatically – no need for typing. This approach works whether a user is working with the DocuWare Online cloud solution or an on-premise solution.


Using the free scan app requires a newer generation smartphone. iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 are considered the minimum. A continuously updated list of supported devices can be viewed under


DocuWare President, JÜrgen Biffar: “We were facing the decision to ‘make or buy,’ but really didn’t find a product on the market that offered the quality and comfort we were looking for. Occasional scanning of documents - whether on route, at home, or at your desk - is becoming an increasingly important application in the professional world. For this reason, we plan on further developing the app, particularly to support our DocuWare users. Thanks to these strategic product benefits, we can offer PaperScan free of charge to all smartphone users.”

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