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Microsoft's new Copilot AI software

If you subscribe to MS365, you have got to try Microsoft's new Copilot AI software for high quality questions and answers.

This is my very first experiences with using Artifical Intelligence.  I kind of ignored the ChatGPT media talk.

I asked" How does Toshiba Tec use AI in the print industry" or "What are the disadvantages of the OneRate program"

You will be impressed with the quality of the answers.

Copilot seems to aggregate answers in a far superior way to any Google search that I have ever done before.

I know there are going to be some compettive advantages to be found using this software.

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I think I have been using Bing's free chatbot version of Copilot available exclusively to Windows 11 users with the latest 23H2 update.

The MS365 version at this time is only for large well funded enterprises that can buy 300 seats at one time with a value of $108,000 .

The Bing Chatbot/ Copilot is unique in it's search capabilities in that in can handle multiple questions in the same enquiry.

From a sales point of view, I asked who is the Purchasing manager at "X" company and it returned good answers.

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