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Hey Gang.

Trying to get a feel for the roles and process on the customer/buyer side.

In general, who do you approach when trying to sell a MFP and who has to evaluate and OK a deal within an organization?

Any thoughts on how this is different depending on customer size (SMB or large) or vertical (e.g. hospital, government, school).



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Depends on the size of the account.  My big accounts......say companies with more than 100 employees......the decision maker is the Director Of I.T. in every case.  Perhaps the IT Director runs it by his upline but I deal directly with IT.  The mid-sized customers it tends to be a management level person other than the owner like a GM or CFO.  In my small clients it tends to be the owner.

It depends on the value proposition I want to bring forward. If I am going with the whole "we'll save you money" pitch, I'll start with a CFO or Director of Finance. If it's regarding document management or a fleet replacement, I'll start with IT Director/IT Manager and go from there. Larry Levine's teachings on LinkedIn have been really useful with cracking into appointments/conversations with these types of people. C-level execs and directors are very career-orientated, so they tend to have juicy LinkedIn profiles with lots of information to start that relationship building process!

Some SMB accounts are too small for IT or Accounting, in which case I speak directly with the owner.

For inbound leads, I'll work with whoever requested the quote and work directly with him or her. If someone is asking for a quote, it means they've been put in charge of collecting the information and a decision maker trusts that person's ability to make a recommendation, even if they are not directly signing off on it.

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