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Confirmed MATT Espe is now CEO of Ricoh Americas Corp, thus having Control of Ricoh Americas which includes Ricoh Canada and LAD (Latin American Division), Martin Brodigan is now CFO of Ricoh Americas and Jeff Hicklin (former IKON) is now President of Ricoh US!

Ricoh also created Ricoh Americas Holding Company which incororates all od the above or so I'm told!
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I was hoping to live long enough within the organization to see this. Now it is a little anti-climatic for me.

We believed that this would happen, but never saw any evidence of it. We did see memo's of IKON execs moving over like the HR director which was probably 6 months ago when I was still there.

I am sure that this means a lot of changes for both sides and a quick reform.

Pirate Mike...
Originally posted by dmurrah:

To: All Ricoh Americas and IKON Employees
From: Matt Espe
Date: March 30, 2010

Subject: Ricoh Americas Leadership Structure and Integration Planning

I am excited and energized to lead Ricoh Americas into the future. Since joining IKON eight years ago, I have worked very closely with Ricoh, first as an independent dealer and even more closely over the past 18 months as a Ricoh company................
There are some wonderful people working at Ikon, some of them even know what they are doing, albeit a small number. However if they try and install their convuluted policies and processes into or on top of Ricohs watchout! The company formerly known as Ricoh will be dragged under by the Anchor formerly known as Ikon. Let the shedding begin.
5 of these 8 people at Ikon now hold top Ricoh Americas Corp positions:

Management Team

Matthew J. Espe (RAC)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mark A. Hershey (RAC)
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Jeffrey W. Hickling (RAC)
President and Chief Operating Officer

Henry M. Miller, Jr.
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Daniel Murphy
Vice President, Global Strategy and Communications

Tracey J. Rothenberger (RAC)
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Donna J. Venable (RAC)
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Kevin Wiggins
Vice President, Controller
Originally posted by Tripper:
Originally posted by Charley:
Par for the course - Ricoh buys a company then puts them in charge. Savin, Lanier, now IKON...

Correct, witnessed it many times. Long time Ricoh loyal VP's passed over just to show good will to acquired execs.

I think this deal with the 5 execs was cut at the time of the Ricoh aquisition of Ikon.

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