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Ricoh and Canon both say they are number 1 in the US and they are both right depending on how you are counting.

Canon includes its desktop MFPs that sell in retail and Ricoh includes all MFPs priced above $1,000. Both include products that sell through any channel, but Canon has far more retail products that skew sales share in its favor. By Ricoh's math, it is number 1 with a 23.1 US share, followed by Canon.

Ricoh also stated that it had the #1 color mfp share in 2009 (7 straight years) and the #2 monochrome MFP share.

At Konica Minolta's May dealer meeting it estimated the following A3 market share breakdown:

Canon - 29%
Ricoh 25%
KM - 16% (Grew overall placements in FY 2010 by 20%)
Xerox - 15%
Toshiba 5%
KM - 4.5%
Sharp 3.5% (big fall last year)

Konica minolta also claimed the top share in A3 color sales, which is believable and impressive.

This doesn't exactly clarify things, since everyone still says they are #1, but hopefuly it provides some color on the situation.

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